Why Fidepro?

Each space, where electrical devices are being used is in the danger of suffering an electrical fire! Our full service includes also the service of installing the device. Your Fidepro-purchase is also tax deductible in Finland.

The smart fire alarm created by Fidepro is a praised and an internationally awarded finnish innovation, which prevents electrical fires already when smoke appears. The reaction caused by smoke is the release of the residual-current device, which cuts off the electrical current and therefore prevents the electrical fire from starting.

Fidepro is also collaborating with the Finnish insurance company IF and is one of their official Safetypartners.

VTT and Tukes have found this to be a very efficient solution during their trials. The Fidepro intelligent fire alarm is a simple and affordable solution for every home, cottage and office. The Fidepro are currently used in both new and old houses and apartments and the user experiences are very positive. Fidepro solutions are also being used at offices, retail spaces and industrial real-estate.

Sometimes the social spaces, where the usage of electrical devices isn’t under specific surveillance, are often subject to fires as the electrical devices are kept turned on for long periods of time.

Safety Manager Ilpo Leino, SPEK

“Fidepro solutions prevent the electrical fires from spreading and they also protect us against electric shocks.

Fire Protection Specialist Esa Laaksonen, If Vahinkovakuutusyhtiö Oy

"Fidepro is an important device when improving fire safety, as it plays a significant role in reducing the amount of fires as well as the amount of harm caused by electrical fires.”

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