Innohome, a Finnish manufacturer of smart safety products, is expanding its product range by acquiring the Fidepro Smart Smoke Alarm business from SafetyBlox Oy. Innohome is known for the Stove Guards, which prevent stove fires from igniting. The Fidepro Smart Smoke Alarm cuts off electricity of selected areas in the event of an emergency, thus preventing the onset of an electrical fire.

Over half of home fires start in the kitchen. Most of them could be prevented with a Stove Guard. With a Smart Smoke Alarm it’s possible to prevent other electrical fires in homes also. Innohome has been a pioneer in home fire safety since 2005. The company’s main product has been the Stove Guard, which main market is Norway. In Norway, the Stove Guards have been mandatory for new houses since 2011.

Through the acquisition, Innohome is expanding its product range to cover the entire home. Fidepro products can protect the entire home from fires caused by electrical devices.

The first steps in improving fire safety are anticipation and prevention. Mains-operated smoke alarms are mandatory in new homes in Finland. However, an alarm is not helpful if no one is at home or able to do anything about it. Smart smoke alarms not only alarm but can also prevent fires.

Electrical devices usually give out smoke long before the fire actually ignites. The smart smoke alarm detects smoke and shuts off power, for example, from the power outlets in that space, preventing a fire before it starts.

In the acquisition the Fidepro products are transferred to Innohome. Mr. Jere Putkisaari, who headed Fidepro business at SafetyBlox, will transfer to Innohome as Business Unit Director.

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